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Suit changes dress

Located in one of the main streets of Lecce, Suit strikes the eyes of anyone thanks to its elegance and refinement. Architect Simona Marchetti drew on the modernist movement as a point of inspiration for design. The philosophy that guided the entire design process was intended to make the boutique exude a strong and distinctive attitude, but with discretion and elegance.



The shop appears as a minimal and contained structure, the spaces are calibrated between open spaces, columns and furnishings, made with bright and polished translucent materials, such as resins, metals and neutral-colored glass, which make the environments bright and help a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.



The brass chandelier, a unique piece of Florentine craftsmanship, and the patagonia granite table enrich the setting by completing the furnishings. A deliberate lack of excessive decoration allows you to focus on the fashion selection of clothes and accessories.



Runway garments and unique archival pieces are kept in the new boiserie, which express the concept of heritage and have the purpose of preserving, communicating and promoting the longevity and importance of the maison to which they belong. The archive assumes an active role, in Suit, a producer of tangible and intangible values that affect the present.