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It easy to getting used watching black and white movies, in a minute you are accostumed to monochrome and pay more attention to details like the scene, the interpretation, the characters and their feelings.
This is an overview of the Valentino FW 2022-23 Collection and this metaphor is suggested directly from Pierpaolo Piccioli, the art director of the Maison.
In fact, the main character of the fashion show was the monochrome: the PINK PP, new color of the brand created in collaboration with Pantone Color Institute.

Apparently this color could means an exaltation of femininity, but according to a more attentive analysis this kind of pink expresses a fusion of punk, audacity and freedom.



The color blocking is just a device to focus the attention on pure essence: to layer multiple items in  the same color would enable the eyes to penetrate them and grasp the details.

This is called visual hyperstimulation and it force you to dwell on maxi shapes of blazers, oversized pants, and on the embroideries.




In addition, man and woman walk on the runway together in the same color and it means that PINK is no more bound to dichotomy between male and female.

It means just one thing that synthesizes all the fashion show: the focus must be the individuality and its expression through the personality.




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