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Gucci Diana, LadyD's favorite it-bag

Introduced in 1991, Gucci's bamboo handle bag perfectly reflects the style of the era in which it was created. Alessandro Michele, some 20 years later, has reinvented the iconic bamboo handle bag favored by Princess Diana. Symbol of post-divorce freedom in the early 90s, it was one of the most present it-bags in her wardrobe, her most versatile bag, she wore it morning and evening, with sporty and elegant looks.

In its various versions and reinterpretation possibilities, the Gucci Diana reflects both the freedom of style that has always distinguished the Princess, and the expressiveness that accompanies Alessandro Michele's vision of the bag as "not just an accessory, but a means of expression".

Michele's version of the structured bag is based on this idea of fluidity. Gucci Diana, has a modern twist, featuring two removable neon bands in yellow, pink or orange, recalling the functional bands that maintained the integrity of the wooden handles of the 1990s.

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The bag in honor of Lady Diana is offered in mini, small and medium sizes, in seven different colors: black, white, leather, emerald green, red, light blue and pastel pink; letters and symbols can be inserted inside the straps to give a customizable appeal to the updated version of the precious it bag.
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